HTML–The Language For You?

HTML is a computer language which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is used to write or create website that can be viewed by people when they connect to internet. Many can think computer languages are difficult to learn but HTML languages are easy to learn thus people can learn basics at one time approach and people do not need to break their heads in confusion. Instead HTML remains to be a powerful, simple and easy to learn which allows you to create websites in easy way. Moreover everything in the technology is kept on updating likewise the HTML also undergo several revisions and up gradation. It is mainly to have advanced features in order to satisfy all internet users thus all theses revisions are taken under direction of W3C organization who are responsible for maintenance and designs of the language.

What does the HTML definitions stands for?

In general, all people know definition of HTML is HyperText Markup Language but when question arises what does it stands for? Most of the people do not aware about that to make clear enough here is definition of HTML and what does stands for are listed below.

  • HyperText is the process where people can move around web just by clicking the special text known as hypertext which in turn leads the people to another webpage. Were hyper means for not linear that is people can move to any place in the internet just by clicking them.
  • Markup meant for the tags used in HTML language to be simpler in HTML language for mentioning font style of text either it should be bold or italic user should mention that in tags such as for bold and and for italic and .

Likewise the language is meant for bunch of code words, syntax and tags used by users similar to other computer languages.

How does HTML work?

All people aware that HTML is a basic computer language used for web creations but most of them do not aware how HTML works. To be clear, the process is not that much difficult to understand the HTML language is mainly consists of several short codes which are types in text format and known as tags. These tags are pre described one were user can type the codes based on these tags and save the file in HTML file format.

Once the file is saved as HTML file then it should be viewed through browser either internet explorer or Netscape navigator. While doing so the browser reads the HTML file and translates the file from text into a webpage as per the tags and codes mentioned by the user.

As the HTML language remains to be simple and easy users can use the tags and codes to create the webpage. But only thing is the user should entail the codes and tags in correct manner to create a proper webpage as per user vision. The working may simple but many users would have doubt that only texts and tags can be used in HTML for creating website? The answer would be absolutely no user can use anything in HTML starting from text or rudimentary text till graphical editor for creating HTML page.

Required parts of HTML page:

The HTML page is defined with many tags were these tags are HTML codes which are separated with angle brackets along with text. Thus tags are simply cool to use the only thing is when the tags are used user should use opening tag and closing tags in together. There are several tags available to use in website were user can use that as per their vision. But when it comes to HTML page there is a well formats which are listed below.

  • Whenever user use an opening tag then the closing tag should also have same name as opening tag precede with “/” symbol.
  • It is mandatory that all HTML document should have HTML and BODY tag because these tags are involved in displaying contents in web browser.
  • There are several tags should be in the document page such as HEAD, TITLE, font style tags and P – paragraph tag. Were HEAD and TITLE tags are displayed in the top of the webpage and others are involved inside the BODY.

Thus all above tags should be perfectly used while making coding or else there they would be some display errors in the webpage. For example if the user use a tag for bolding the text and followed by new paragraph then the coding should be like.

<b> Text should be bold<b>,

<P> content of new paragraph

Likewise the user can use correct tag in correct format to create a website based on user’s vision.

How HTML work behind the site?

Although the HTML computer language is simple and easy to learn the duration of learning is depends on the people knowledge. The HTML language can be learned within an hour when the people are more interested. Many can think the website creation needs big work behind the site but in real it is a simple fact where people just need to be strong in basics of HTML that is tags and codes and its respective purposes. By knowing this people can use that in correct format as per their vision.

Apart from this people also struck in confusion whether they need to be in online till the complete the coding? It is not like that people can do coding for entire website that can be saved in the personal computer then in online it can be displayed. If there is any alternation or changes in the site it can be done easily in offline then displayed in online. That’s how the HTML coding can be easily done for website creation and it is easy to handle compare to other languages. To the bottom of line in order to create website it mainly depends on person skills and talent. Thus users need to be strong basis and need to be skilled for website creation.