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HTML–The Language For You?

HTML is a computer language which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is used to write or create website that can be viewed by people when they connect to internet. Many can think computer languages are difficult to learn but HTML languages are easy to learn thus people can learn basics at one time approach and people do not need to break their heads in confusion. Instead HTML remains to be a powerful, simple and easy to learn which allows you to create websites in easy way. Moreover everything in the technology is kept on updating likewise the HTML also undergo several revisions and up gradation. It is mainly to have advanced features in order to satisfy all internet users thus all theses revisions are taken under direction of W3C organization who are responsible for maintenance and designs of the language.

What does the HTML definitions stands for?

In general, all people know definition of HTML is HyperText Markup Language but when question arises what does it stands for? Most of the people do not aware about that to make clear enough here is definition of HTML and what does stands for are listed below.

  • HyperText is the process where people can move around web just by clicking the special text known as hypertext which in turn leads the people to another webpage. Were hyper means for not linear that is people can move to any place in the internet just by clicking them.
  • Markup meant for the tags used in HTML language to be simpler in HTML language for mentioning font style of text either it should be bold or italic user should mention that in tags such as for bold and and for italic and .

Likewise the language is meant for bunch of code words, syntax and tags used by users similar to other computer languages.

How does HTML work?

All people aware that HTML is a basic computer language used for web creations but most of them do not aware how HTML works. To be clear, the process is not that much difficult to understand the HTML language is mainly consists of several short codes which are types in text format and known as tags. These tags are pre described one were user can type the codes based on these tags and save the file in HTML file format.

Once the file is saved as HTML file then it should be viewed through browser either internet explorer or Netscape navigator. While doing so the browser reads the HTML file and translates the file from text into a webpage as per the tags and codes mentioned by the user.

As the HTML language remains to be simple and easy users can use the tags and codes to create the webpage. But only thing is the user should entail the codes and tags in correct manner to create a proper webpage as per user vision. The working may simple but many users would have doubt that only texts and tags can be used in HTML for creating website? The answer would be absolutely no user can use anything in HTML starting from text or rudimentary text till graphical editor for creating HTML page.

Required parts of HTML page:

The HTML page is defined with many tags were these tags are HTML codes which are separated with angle brackets along with text. Thus tags are simply cool to use the only thing is when the tags are used user should use opening tag and closing tags in together. There are several tags available to use in website were user can use that as per their vision. But when it comes to HTML page there is a well formats which are listed below.

  • Whenever user use an opening tag then the closing tag should also have same name as opening tag precede with “/” symbol.
  • It is mandatory that all HTML document should have HTML and BODY tag because these tags are involved in displaying contents in web browser.
  • There are several tags should be in the document page such as HEAD, TITLE, font style tags and P – paragraph tag. Were HEAD and TITLE tags are displayed in the top of the webpage and others are involved inside the BODY.

Thus all above tags should be perfectly used while making coding or else there they would be some display errors in the webpage. For example if the user use a tag for bolding the text and followed by new paragraph then the coding should be like.

<bText should be bold<b,

<Pcontent of new paragraph

Likewise the user can use correct tag in correct format to create a website based on user’s vision.

How HTML work behind the site?

Although the HTML computer language is simple and easy to learn the duration of learning is depends on the people knowledge. The HTML language can be learned within an hour when the people are more interested. Many can think the website creation needs big work behind the site but in real it is a simple fact where people just need to be strong in basics of HTML that is tags and codes and its respective purposes. By knowing this people can use that in correct format as per their vision.

Apart from this people also struck in confusion whether they need to be in online till the complete the coding? It is not like that people can do coding for entire website that can be saved in the personal computer then in online it can be displayed. If there is any alternation or changes in the site it can be done easily in offline then displayed in online. That’s how the HTML coding can be easily done for website creation and it is easy to handle compare to other languages. To the bottom of line in order to create website it mainly depends on person skills and talent. Thus users need to be strong basis and need to be skilled for website creation.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server side scripting language which is used for developing dynamic websites or web applications. Initially, PHP had been created as a simple scripting platform which is known as Personal Home Page. Now it is being a recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor as it an HTML-embedded Web scripting language which means PHP code can be included with the HTML of a website. While a PHP page is used, then the PHP code will be read by the server and resides on whereas the output of the PHP functions will be return in the form of HTML code which can be read by the browser. The PHP functions were returned in the form of HTML code because before the page loaded the PHP code gets transformed into HTML. This process makes the PHP pages secure for accessing databases and other secure information.

The basic syntax of PHP language

A PHP script can be insert anyplace in the text and it begins with . In the PHP file, HTML tags and PHP scripting code were included. The basic syntax of the PHP code is as follows.


// PHP code


In the PHP code, the statement written after “//” this denotes it is a comment. A comment in the PHP code is a line which is not executes when run the program as their purpose only to read just for understanding the code.

Uses of the PHP programming language

  • PHP is an open source server-side scripting language and it is used by the developers for the development of web applications.
  • PHP is free to download and use. PHP were designed to work with HTML as it can be embedded with HTML code.
  • The PHP files may include text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code and the PHP files have to be saved with the extension “.php”.
  • PHP code need to be enclosed with the PHP tags in order to identify them from the HTML code.
  • PHP is widely used as it can run on various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, etc. and it is compatible with most of the servers which are used in current like Apache, IIS, etc.
  • PHP is used for connecting the web page with a database.
  • By making use of can able to restrict user to access specific web page.

Applications of the PHP programming language

Nowadays most of the web pages and web-based applications were developed using PHP as they require a three-tiered architecture that works on browser, server and database system and these features can be achieved with PHP. PHP supports number of databases also it can interact with other services using protocols and this used for creating web content management system. PHP is highly supportive for small businesses to large enterprises as it is used for the creation of e-commerce applications. Also it is used for creating desktop graphical user interface (GUI) based applications. Likewise it is widely used all over the world by the developers in various applications.…

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Different Programming Languages and Their Uses

In this modern world, the technology keeps on updating which often surprise people with advanced applications and make them wonder with its usage. All these made the people to use internet in wider range even for their essential things. Due to this enormous internet usage by people, most of them would have keen interest to know how these applications works and is it possible to create their own applications or sites? If it is yes then how it can be done? The answer would be simpler, all the internet applications or websites are done only by using computer programming languages. On other hand many people would think of creating own websites, blog or any applications used in compatible device for business purposes even for that programming language remains as essential one. The computer programming languages is nothing but a bunch of programming codes which is used to create websites or applications based on one’s desire. But in reality to create a desired site based on vision people need to be skilled and also need a strong knowledge in the basics of computer programming language. When it comes to programming languages there are several computer programming languages are available moreover based on technology update the languages also keeps on updating. Thus each programming languages are used for certain process so based on purpose people can learn to program in desired programming language.

Different Programming Languages and Their Uses

When people search for programming language to learn to code for websites and web development then there are several easy programming languages are available which has different uses. Based on the uses people can choose the desired programming language and start to code. In reality most of the people would be confused to choose right programming language from various options to make the process easy and to help people to choose best suitable programming language here are some of top most programming languages used in present days and their uses are explained below.

  • C program
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQL

All above program languages are widely used by people in recent years here is an overview of the programming languages and their uses are explained further.

C program:

The C program language remains to be a basic and most widely used programming language by the people. Moreover the C language is the first released programming language it is widely used for creating several computer programs especially operating systems. When people are interested in learning C language then it would not be so easy but when compared to other programming languages C language is quite easy to pick up. The only difficult thing in C language is it has cryptic syntax that would take some time to be familiar with. Thus C language has strong influence with other programming languages too but it always remains as a single programming language for beginners.

C++ Language:

C++ programming language always remains as a hectic programming language and also considered as a low level language or low degree language were all codes are difficult to read. Thus when people are interested to learn C++ then people needs to spend more time for learning basics of C++ language but it is quite resemble to C language.

The main difficulty in C++ language is it has plenty of codes thus these codes are widely used for programming applications, 3D games, computer software, web applications and game engines. But to the bottom of line C++ programming languages are quite complex to learn when compared to other programming languages.

C# language:

C# language is an high level language developed based on C and C++ language were the C Sharp is designed in such a way that user can easily read and learn them as it quite similar to English. Although it is a high level language its abstracts is quite complex thus user need to be clear with the codes they enter that it remains somewhat hard for beginners to learn.

The C# language is widely used in gaming industry for developing gaming software and gaming programs. If people are more interested to build their career in gaming industry then C# programming language is best choice.


Java language is widely used programming language by people and it holds first place in TIOBE Index. Moreover it is based on C++ language but it is quite easier than C++ language. Whenever people write program in Java language it can be run in two different devices and it remains as a flexible platform to write codes and can be run in any devices. Moreover, the Java language remains to be highest paying programming language thus if people are more interested in android development and start their career in same field then Java programming language is better choice.

Java Script:

The Java Script is a programming language of web it is mainly used as a web development language which is web interactive and makes website interesting and user friendly. This remains to be a powerful programming language which needs more programming skills.

The Java Script codes are executed on user browser was it can also be used as a server side language. Thus if people are more interested to be a front-end web developer then it is necessary to learn JavaScript language and start their career in web development. Moreover, the front end frameworks are appearing in higher range.

PHP language:

PHP is a scripting language which would run on server side in order to create a web page written in HTML. At present more than 80% of websites use PHP this language remains to be one of the most popular programming languages which is widely used now. It is mainly because PHP programming language is quite easy and it is a scripted language on web which can do several things such as creating login pages, discussion forums, website interaction, photo galleries and many. Even PHP programs include some special things such as wordpress, facebook and many.

If people are interested or planning to be a freelance web developer then PHP programming language is a best and safe option were they can also used for content management in wordpress and other systems too. This makes sense for a website that utilizes different functions and formats.


Python is a top most programming language at present and it also remains as a user friendly programming language. Moreover, the python programming language is easy to learn fundamentals and coding when compared to other programming languages as they are similar English. Apart from easy learning and quick grasp python language is versatile one which can be used for coding different projects such as

  • machine learning
  • web based applications
  • data mining and visualization
  • web game designs
  • game development

Still the list goes on continue, if people are more interested to have strong successful career in data mining or game development then learning python language is best choice. Moreover, unlike other programming language if people have any doubts or problem in python programming it is easy to find helping resources in online for learning correct format. When people learn python they can also get involved in web development too.


Ruby is advanced high level programming language used for multipurpose by the user on other hand it also remains as a one of the most creative and fun filled working programming language. It is mainly because in this program user can find several ways to solve a single problem.

Using Ruby programming language people can build web applications in faster manner therefore if people are interested to get involved in web application creation and launch learning Ruby programming language remains best choice. Moreover, by learning Ruby language people it is useful for small tech companies, small scale business and startup business to launch their web applications.


SQL is Structured Query Language which is commonly used for storing Data in RDBMS which are highly preferred by many data companies to store their database. In SQL programming language is to manage and analyze the huge massive count data and their value in market. Mostly business people need SQL management in higher range when they shift their database these would often happen in many business sectors especially in online business. In simple words SQL skills is best way to sense the customer behavior and insists high demand data in the job market. Learning SQL adds advantage to aware about data mining offers.

If any person is more interested in analyzing data and manage database then SQL remains to be most useful programming language for them. When people learn SQL, then they can enjoy math, statistics, data analysis and management all together were all these things are most wanted things in industry so people would have strong career.

Likewise, the world’s top most programming languages and their uses are described clearly based on the usage of the user and it can decide the suitable programming language and learn them with proper training to get strong successful career.…